Support Services


Having put a quality installation in place, you now need to protect that system’s continuing, peak productivity.


To help you, CCS has brought together the comprehensive support services to maximize the return on your investment.


Tailored to meet your specific requirements, these are delivered by fully-trained field support engineers on an as-needed, scheduled, or full-time basis.


The CCS Systems Support Professionals can deliver training, maintenance, site auditing and technical support services.


Systems Support Service Levels

  • Call-out Support Services
    Professional assistance on demand for troubleshooting and repair of your systems.
    (ad-hoc and contacted rates available with appropriate SLA’s in place.)
  • Regular Maintenance Services
    Regular maintenance schedules can avoid the disruptions of unexpected systems failure or performance degradation. CCS will customise your systems maintenance schedule to match your technical and commercial needs.
  • Embedded Technology and Engineering Resources
    CCS can allocate the dedicated, professional technical resources you need to meet your long-term or short-term technical needs at competitive contract rates.
  • Audit Services
    CCS can allocate dedicated trained professional resources to completely audit your site be it Telco, Power or both including infrared imaging. In addition CCS have the capability to do Aerial audits of your site or transmission path/s.