Project Experience


Through many major projects undertaken for telecommunications carriers and technology manufacturers in Australia and overseas, CCS has built up an unsurpassed range and depth of hands-on experience covering installation and maintenance of technological infrastructure.


This sample of successful projects gives a general idea of the scope of our capabilities:

  • Installation testing and commissioning of DC power systems from 150
    amps to 6000 amps in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Korea, Singapore,
    Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Brunei.
  • Exchange switching installation, testing and commissioning in Australia,
    Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Brunei. These
    switching nodes are both Nortel DMS and Lucent 5ESS Switching centres.
  • Installation testing and commissioning of radio base station equipment (eg, BTS, BSC & BSE)
  • Installation of exchange ancillary’s modules (eg, STPs, MSPs, RLCMs).
  • Installation of network ancillaries equipment (eg, Hubs, Routers, data
  • Installation of network infrastructure equipment (eg, MDF, LGX, DSX).
  • Point-to-point microwave radio systems installations.
  • Point-to-multipoint radio system installations (eg, Wireless Local Loop
    (WLL) base stations and subscriber transceivers (Nortel Proximity-I
  • Provision and installation of cable management systems to support large scale exchange and transmission equipment installations.
  • Installation of supporting transmission systems, including both circuit level and large capacity PDH/ SDH multiplex systems, eg, Nortel Optera Metro and Long Haul, DWDM.
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of SDH networks in Australia,
    Japan, New Zealand and Singapore.
  • Office and station fit-outs for power, telephony, and data reticulation.
  • Installation and SSOG testing of satellite-earth station equipment.
  • Product-specific formal and on-the-job installation and commissioning
  • Site management and contractor coordination on initial station build