Our Services


Telecommunications Installation, Construction and Maintenance

  • Accredited fibre splicing Company
  • Installation of Building Cabling(IBC) and Equipment (includes Wireless and Power AC/DC)
  • Specialists in structured cabling Installation ( inc all data centre activity)
  • Cable haulage and installation both “in building structured cabling” and “roadside haulage”
  • Installation and commissioning of vendor equipment e.g. Juniper, Alcatel, Siemens, Nokia, Genband.
  • Installation of network ancillary equipment (e.g. Hubs, Routers, data cabinets)
  • Installation of TEBA iron work construction
  • Civil infrastructure and engineering including project management
  • Core switching (e.g. Genband DMS) installation, maintenance
  • Point-to-Point Microwave Radio systems installations & maintenance
  • Installation testing and commissioning of Radio base station equipment o Installation and SSOG testing of Satellite Earth Station equipment
  • Installation of supporting transmission systems, including both circuit level and large capacity PDH/SDH multiplex systems
  • Point Of Presence ( POP ) fit out , modifications and construction (data centre)
  • Cable fault location and restoration
  • OTDR Testing and reporting on optical fibre installations
  • De Commissioning and Removal of equipment


Electrical Installations, Construction and Maintenance

  • Registered Electrical Contractor to provide both AC & DC power services
  • Installation of Power cabling, new, adds, moves and changes in the Telco space
  • Specialist in the Telco sector
  • Test @ Tag of Electrical equipment
  • Switchboard and Generator Installations and upgrades



  • Service level agreements(SLA’s) for maintenance services associated with Telco and Electrical installations
  • Repairs and emergency response on outages (Contracted)
  • Existing national service level agreements for communications and power services


Project Management

  • Installation/Implementations of Telco and Power services
  • Civil constructions


Site Audits

  • Telco and Power installations



  • Regular reporting on work status back to stake holders
  • In-house management and monitoring systems in place



  • Centrally coordinated
  • Accredited project management
  • Purpose fitted Vehicles & Equipment(owned)
  • Formally qualified technicians and trades people
  • Workplace accreditations in place
  • Own Workforce-Supplemented where required by known contractors
  • Rapid response to requirements
  • Flexible and nimble organisation
  • Contactable Management
  • Telco & Electrical accredited people
  • Small enough company to care