Welcome to Complete Communications Services (CCS)


Today’s technological infrastructure is fast-evolving and ever-more complex. To benefit fully from the new developments, your organisation must be able to count on the right expertise, experience and resources.


CCS offers you that complete solution…


We have the people and the processes to handle all your telecommunications and other infrastructure needs.


That includes everything from design, procurement, installation to finally commissioning – and the project management that makes it happen smoothly and efficiently all along the way. From there, we can support your system with a whole-of-life support program, including service, training, maintenance, upgrades and so on.


What is more, all this is delivered through a national network that assures you of fast-response, local support wherever your operations may be in Australia. Our mission is to ensure that what we deliver represents not only your most productive answer to today’s requirements, but is also a flexible pathway to the future.